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Young Workers Options

Young Workers and Workplace Injury
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Employee workplace safety rights and responsibilities
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Tips to stay safe at work
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Talking safety with your supervisor
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Employee and Employer WHS Rights and Responsibilities Print E-mail

Employees (workers) and employers (bosses) both have WHS rights and responsibilities. Find out more about what the law says you and your employer must do to keep the workplace safe.

Employees must:

  1. Work safely to protect themself and others from injury and follow all WHS instructions, for example:
  • wear all personal protective equipment provided.
  • follow safe work procedures.
  • not interfere with or misuse anything provided by the employer (equipment, signs, etc.) that is
    used to keep the workplace safe.
  • not remove or change machine guards.
  • not behave in a way that puts themselves or others at risk.
  • respond to a reasonable request to provide assistance or first aid to an injured person at

..2.  Report any WHS issues, including hazards, injuries, illnesses and near misses.

Employers must:

  1. Properly orientate, train and supervise staff to ensure safe work practices are understood and followed by all employees.
  2. Consult with all employees, including YW, about decisions that will affect safety in the workplace.
  3. Provide suitable personal protective equipment (PPE) to make sure workers can do their job safely and train workers how to use PPE correctly.
  4. Regularly check WHS systems and procedures to make sure that workers are adequately protected from workplace hazards.
  5. Provide adequate facilities for the welfare of employees. This covers everything from providing suitable toilet facilities to conducting risk assessments on premises and procedures.
  6. Be aware of employers’ legal obligations under the NSW Work Health and Safety Act 2011 and the NSW Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011 and meet those obligations in full.

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Who are young workers?

Young workers are those aged up to 25 years old and include young people who are:

  • leaving school and starting full-time work
  • employed as casual or part-time workers
  • completing work experience or vocational training