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WHS Committees and Representatives Print E-mail

Under NSW WHS Regulation 2011, employers must consult employees via an elected WHS Committee or WHS representatives.

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Organisations with more than 20 employees must have an elected WHS Committee. Management and employees form a committee to identify and resolve WHS issues and to develop and monitor safe systems and procedures.

WHS committee members represent and communicate the safety concerns of both management and employees. WHS meeting agendas and minutes must be recorded, stored and made available to all workers, including YWs.

Elected WHS representatives represent and communicate the safety concerns of designated ‘workgroups’. WHS representatives also recommend solutions to WHS issues affecting their workgroup.

YWs should raise WHS issues directly with their supervisor or WHS representative. If the WHS representative cannot resolve the YW's WHS issue it should be referred to the WHS Committee (if present in the workplace).

Other agreed arrangements for consultation with employees can be established if there is an agreement between the employer and employees and the arrangements meet requirements of the legislation.

The WHS Consultation Code of Practice 2011 by WorkCover NSW provides extensive information on how to develop, review and maintain effective WHS consultation.


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